For international delivery, please use the forwarding service agent ( who will arrange shipment for you.
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      To Overseas Customers

      Please read this page before you place your orders with us.


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      Sorry! We do not ship internationally.

      For delivery, please use the forwarding service agent ( who will arrange overseas shipment for you. is a forwarding agent. To use their service, please register at

      Here’s the procedure from your order placement to the international shipping :海外発送/国際配送サービスの転送コム

      STEP1  Register at and get your Japanese shipping address.


      Register your free account at and get a special shipping address.



      STEP2  Shop on Bi Rod Store and settle your payment.

      Enter your tenso address you got in STEP 1 as your shipping address and settle your payment.


      STEP3  We’ll ship your items to the address.

      Delivery is processed after we confirm your payment.


      STEP4 ships your package overseas.

      When your items are delivered to the tenso warehouse, settle the payment with tenso for the handling and international shipping fees.



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      Only CREDIT CARD PAYMENT is accepted.


      Visa,Master,American Express,JCB,Diners Club


      Please DO NOT choose “Cash” or “Collect on Delivery (COD)” or “Credit Card Payment on Delivery” for payment. We accept credit card payment only.

      Please do not choose any of “代金引換” or “コンビニ前払い” or “銀行振込”.

      After your credit card payment is confirmed, your purchase will be transferred to your tenso address.



      Price does not include VAT and custom fees.

      Customers are responsible for the payment of import taxes, customs duties and any additional charges for customs clearance.



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      Shipping fee

      Bi Rod is a long product and the package becomes large.

      Shipping fee is determined by whichever is greater, volumetric weight or actual weight and volumetric weight is heavier for Bi Rod.

      It is recommended that you contact for a shipping quote before you place your order.



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      As a general rule, we do not accept any returns or exchanges.

      Exceptions will only be considered if your purchase is defective.

      We are not responsible for returning costs to Japan with any returned items for any reasons such as undeliverable address, unpaid duties, taxes and customs fees.




       If you have any questions about the services from, please contact them directly.