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      Introducing the frequently asked questions at the time of the Bi Rod online shopping.
      Click here if you have to not question described in, feel free customer support please contact us.

      What are the materials?
      [6G series]
      Glass fiber reinforced plastics
      [6C series]
      Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
      Can I use both the camera and the video?
      The tip of the Bi Rod it is standard equipped with a HAKUBA made free camera platform (BH-1). If the aircraft where there is a 1/4 female thread can be mounted. Either of the camera video you can use (recommended load capacity, please check the product details).
      However, you may, depending on the position of the center of gravity at the time of the camera fixed not be installed on the safety.                           ※ We recommend a small camera, such as action cam and a compact digital camera.
      What is the weight of the camera that can be used?
      2m type: 1kg below4.5m Type: 500g or less7.5m type: it will be 300g or less.

      The above is for our recommended, it can not guarantee the use of when loaded with such heavy than the recommended camera. Rod or broken, because the accident such as by dropping of the camera will be the responsibility of the customer, please note.

      How do you shoot?
      It is no Wi-Fi, please prepare a Bluetooth remote function with a camera / video camera. On hand to download the camera dedicated app on your phone or tablet, it will enable monitoring and shooting on the application.
      In the case of combination other than the above can not be remote control.
      [※ Note] type that can not be remote controlled by with Wi-Fi function can not be used. (Can only record data transmission type)
      Or attachment other than the camera is possible?
      The distal end of the threaded portion to a variety of tools, you can use the multi-purpose by attaching the device (high altitude cleaning, high altitude lighting, etc.).In addition, the lower end of each rod is 1/2 UNC will also be possible to mount the various tools on this side by inverting the rod has become a female screw.In the future, we plan to sell a variety of options, such as mounting parts of which you can use in such as a microphone boom.
      What kind of products do the Bi Wireless Line?
      In the water can not be monitored on the ground is cut off the Wi-Fi radio.The camera will be a state in which the communication is broken as soon as you put in the water.
      Via a cable by using the appropriate products it is possible to Wi-Fi communication, it will enable shooting while confirming the angle of view of the shooting as well camera on the ground.※ patented ※
      Or the warranty period is how much?
      It will be from the date of purchase and one year.
      Or repair is possible?
      Please contact once the dealer or our purchase.
      We will be asked once to confirm the status of the goods. Also there if you want to provide only sell replacement parts can not be repaired. Transportation expenses of bring your own and take home repair products, also shipping if you are you sending
      and Shogakari I will be borne by the customer.
      Please tell me the care of their after use in the sea.
      Firmly washed with water to remove the each rod, please let well dry. Because there is a risk that the metal part is rust, thank you washed after use as soon as possible.
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      English (US)